• rts Council Korea


    ARKO Sharing the Joy of CreativityArts Council Korea (ARKO) was established in 1973 to promote creativity and the enjoyment of the arts by supporting diverse arts and cultural activities in Korea.

  • Literature
    Support creative activities of writers from promising young talents to established writers, tailored to each stage of career development.
  • Visual Arts
    Develop major areas in visual arts, including creative activities, planning, art spaces, and criticism.
  • Performing Arts
    Strengthen support for theatre, dance, music, and traditional art through various phases.
  • International Exchange
    Strengthen capabilities of Korean artists and contribute to establishing global networks by developing and supporting international exchange programs in the arts.


About ARKO

ARKO is a national development agency for the arts of Korea. The main aim of the Council is to make the arts more central to life by supporting arts organizations and artists in Korea and overseas through various services, programs and initiatives as well as grant-based support.