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Based on the belief that great art releases energy to change all of our lives,
The Arts Council Korea was established to provide everyone to share the great
pleasure of creation, and enjoy a value filled life by supporting businesses and
activities for the promotion of culture and the arts.

The Korean Culture and Arts Foundation (KCAF) was founded in 1973 in accordance
with the Culture and Arts Promotion Act, and it became the predecessor of the Arts
Council which has in turn continued the activities and organization of the KCAF.
The Arts Council Korea was launched in August 26, 2005 by establishing a more
specialized and diversified support system for arts.

The policies of the Arts Council Korea are determined by an eleven member council,
which makes decisions on general matters related to culture and art. The Council
operates various kinds of culture and art support programs to enhance the viability,
to improve the creativity, and to expand the productivity of the arts by making the
creation of arts more financially rewarding.