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Supporting artists to strengthen their creative abilities

Supporting the creation of art
Supporting creative performances
Supporting mixed media art
Supporting young artists
Supporting nation-wide art events
Supporting project programs
Supporting culture and art organizations
Supporting the formation of an art foundation

Providing more chances to appreciate culture and art

Supporting development of audiences
Supporting the provision of opportunities to experience culture and art
Supporting participation in culture and art;

Activation of cultural and art exchange

Supporting the international exchange of culture and art

Preservation and succession of arts

Supporting the preservation of, research on, and studies of art
Supporting the distribution of information on art and diffusion of art materials
Supporting the presentation, transmission, and spread of traditional art

Expansion of the basis for the support of information on art and improving the quality of cultural services

Provision of good quality information about culture and art
Increasing efficiency in operating cultural infrastructure and public facilities
Operation of businesses to promote culture and art

Funds from the lottery

Awarding prizes for artistic works shown at art festivals
Supporting cultural tourism in remote and rural areas
Providing cultural and educational programs for child welfare institutions
Creating cultural environments appropriate for farmers, fishermen, and the urban poor
Supporting the development of special performance programs for provincial culture and art centers
Supporting the development and operation of relevant experience programs at the Culture House
Supporting cultural experiences at cultural centers in regional areas
Supporting special exhibition programs at private museums and galleries
Supporting the popularization and globalization of traditional art
Supporting the selection of superior works mentioned by literary magazines
Creating a small multimedia auditorium in Daehakro
Promoting the business of small culture markets in urban areas
Producing visual contents for culture and art education
Popularizing superior literature on a monthly basis