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Council : The council shall be composed of eleven members appointed by the Minister of Culture & Tourism, and shall be the supreme governing body for the business of the Council.

   - One of the eleven council members shall be chosen by the
   council to represent it and to coordinate the overall business
   of the Council.

  Small Council
   - A Small Council shall be a working council that discusses detailed support policies by genre and
   function, and shall be composed of not more than ten members.

Auditor : An auditor shall be appointed by the Minister of Culture & Tourism to carry out audits of the various
activities carried out by the Council.

Office : The Office is a working body supporting the business affairs of the Council and the execution
of its business. It is composed of four divisions that are consist of twelve teams and four support
facilities under the command of a Chief Executive Officer.

  Chief Executive Office
   - The Chief Executive Officer shall administer the overall business of the Office, and direct and supervise
   the office staff.

Art Promotion Office
   - The Art Promotion Office administers the overall support work of the Council and support for literature,
   and visual and performance arts.

Cultural Cooperation Office
   - The Cultural Cooperation Office supports business related to various culturally related volunteer activities,
   regional culture, and international exchange.

Planning & General Affairs Office
   - The Planning & General Affairs Office formulates the budget, manages finances, and supports the Office

Arts Policy Office
   - The Arts Policy Office is in charge of research, and public relations for culture and art support policies
   and publications.

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