Council Member

Chair Person, CEO Park Jong Kwan
  • Professor, School of Fusion Arts, Seowon University
  • Artistic Director, Dure Art
  • Co-director, Local Culture Network
  • Board member, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism's Cultural Vision 2030 Program
  • President, the Cultural Policy Network of Korea
  • President, Chungbuk Artists Association
  • President, Chungbuk Cultural Foundation
  • (Formerly) One of the first board members, Arts Council Korea
Kang Yun-ju
  • Professor, Department of Cultural Mediation Administration, Kyung Hee
  • Cyber UniversityExecutive Member, Cultural Action
  • Programmer, Seoul Eco Film Festival
  • Scriptwriter, KBS and MBC
Kang Hong-Goo
  • Director, Goeun Museum of Photography
  • Teaching Fellow, Department of Photography, Seoul Institute of the Arts (2008~present)
  • Teaching Fellow, Yonsei University (2005~2014)
Kim Ki-Bong
  • Executive Director, The Cultural Policy Network of Korea (2003~present)
  • Guest Researcher, The Institute for Democracy (2017)
  • Director of Internal Audit, The Asia Culture Center (2016~present)
Kim Hyuck-Soo
  • Artistic Director, Kangwon Provincial Drama Company
  • Adjunct Professor, Department of Culture and Arts Management, Seoul Cyber University (2013~present)
  • Visiting Professor, Graduate School of Culture, Arts and Design, Dankook University (2014~present)
  • President, The Association of National Cultural Foundations (2015~2018)
  • President, Yongin Cultural Foundation (2012~2018)
Na Jong-Young
  • Deputy Director, Cho Tae-il Memorial Association (2015~present)
  • Director of Gwangju Branch, The Korean People Artist Federation (2011~2013)
  • Deputy Director, Writers Association of Korea (2010~2012)
Lee Seung-Joung
  • Professor, Department of Art, Hanlyo University (1997~present)
  • Director, korean Institute of Design Promotion
Lee Hee-kyung
  • Lecturer, Faculty of Arts and Liveral Studies, Korea National University of Arts
  • Lecturer, College of Music, Seoul National University
  • Adjunct professor, Yeonsei University Graduate School of Communication&Arts
  • Visiting professor, College of Music, Ewha Women's University
Cho Ki-sook
  • Professor, Department of Dance, Ewha Women's University
  • Director, Center for the Performing Arts at Ewha Women's University(2011~2018)
  • President, The Society for Dance Documentation and History
  • Advisor, Culture and Arts Education, Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education
Choi Chang-Ju
  • Professor, The School of Korean Traditional Arts, Korea National University of Arts (2002~2015)
  • Vice President, Society for Korean Traditional Performing Arts
  • Instructor of the Korean Intangible Cultural Asset No. 17 (Bongsan Mask Dance)