What we do

ARKO’s council members are artists and cultural professionals still actively working in the field and together they agree upon arts and culture strategy.

This means that artists and cultural professionals, who used to simply be the beneficiaries of government policy, became a part of the decision-making, thereby transforming the conventional cultural administrative system and actively responding to the rapidly changing cultural and artistic environment.

ARKO focuses on establishing infrastructure for non-profit and boundary-pushing projects in art and the cultural industry, which is agreed in and out of the arts and cultural community such as literature, visual arts, performing arts, and traditional arts, as well as supporting those sectors to flourish in a virtuous circle of creation, mediation, and appreciation.

We improve the environment for creative activities and develop audiences for the sustainable development of arts and culture.

  • We establish a sustainable support platform and system for artists taking into account the phase they are at in their career.
  • We promote literature by supporting writers and literary magazines, events, and spaces.
  • We provide a foundation for sustainable creative activities through supporting excellent exhibitions, visual arts groups, and exhibition spaces.
  • We endeavour to create a funding system that is accessible and reliable for artists and professionals working in the arts and culture sector.
  • We run a program for performing arts professionals called the ‘ARKO Selection’ that provides them with support during the different phases of their careers. It aims to broaden artistic opportunities for young performing artists and professionals and to foster excellent work.
  • We prepare for new audiences in the era of rapid development of science and technology with our new art and technology support program.

We concentrate on fostering creative people and contributing to job creation and skill development through continuous education in the arts and cultural field.

  • We nurture creative professionals in their creation and cultural mediation, helping them develop their careers through different phases by providing opportunities to work in the field and job security.

We strengthen strategic collaboration with key arts and cultural organizations abroad.

  • We support creative collaboration and networking between Korean and international artists. We also help facilitate the export of Korean culture abroad including literature, performances, and art exhibitions. We are expanding our global platform for Korean artists by partnering with more and more influential arts and cultural organizations abroad. We are also helping raise the international profile of Korean art by operating Korea’s pavilion at the Venice Biennale.

We aim to make arts and culture more inclusive by increasing access for marginalized groups.

  • Through the operation of the Munhwanuri Card system, we make it easier for marginalized groups to access arts and culture. We hope to steadily broaden the range of beneficiaries and partners in order to promote regional balance in terms of accessibility to arts and culture.

We connect local performing arts programs to tourists.

  • We open up access to arts and culture across the country and fostering creative capacity of different regions by supporting performing arts based on our ‘local characterization’ strategy.
  • We help develop traditional arts by supporting the enjoyment of performances as well as their creation and preservation. We also support international presentations of our traditional performing arts.

We promote social consensus on the value of arts and encourage a culture of investment in arts.

  • We bolster art’s own vitality by supporting the fundraising activities of artists and encouraging both donations and investment in arts and culture through the ‘artistree’ program.