International Arts Joint Fund


  • To form a foundation to accelerate artistic and cultural exchanges between Korea and other countries by securing joint funds in partnership with arts councils from different countries
  • To establish a platform to develop Korean arts at the international level so that they can be enjoyed by audiences abroad
  • To create long-lasting relationships whereby artists from both countries can continue to exchange and collaborate

How it works

  • Bilateral collaboration by signing a Memorandum of Understanding and matching fund with international arts councils or equivalent organizations. Details of implementation can vary for each partner organization.
  • Examples of already established funds
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    Collaborator Structure
    United Kingdom Arts Council England Both councils support the collaboration projects with 1:1 matching funding
    Germany Goethe-Institut Korea Support Collaboration on some of Goethe-Institut Korea’s projects
    Denmark Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces Select collaboration projects after supporting the research phase in both countries
  • Enabling sufficient preparation and long-term collaborations through two year-programs with each country
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    2016 2017 2018 2019
    United Kingdom Research Project implementation Evaluation report -
    Germany - Research Project implementation -
    Denmark - - Research Project implementation
  • Open call for proposals can be both on set timeline and ad-hoc base.

Key achievements

United Kingdom
  • Selected final 21 collaboration projects among 76 pre-research projects in visual arts, performing arts, and literature (£1.4m total investment)
  • Created a logo for the joint fund with Arts Council England and collaborated on promotion
  • Held ‘2016 Korea-UK Arts & Culture Conference’ (in Seoul) and ‘2018 Arts Council Korea and Arts Council England Joint Fund Evaluation Session’ (in London)
  • The 2018 Heidelberg Stückemarkt ‘Country of Honor’ was Korea (Supported three Korean screenplays, three plays, and a performance and an exhibition)
  • Project Nolgong From DMZ to the Berlin Wall (Planned to be performed in January in 2019)
  • Korea-Germany Music Festival Traces of Sounds at Seoul Arts Center
  • Supporting 13 research phase projects in 2018
  • Ministry of Culture of Denmark and Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism of Korea will unveil the joint logo in January 2019
  • 2019 Joint Fund’s open call was in January 2019

ARKO is open for collaborations with national level arts and culture organizations. If you are working for such an organization and are interested in the two-year collaboration specified above, please contact us at after reading the proposal below.

ARKO Joint-funding Project Proposal 2020-2021

Artistic Collaboration with South Korea
1. Background

Arts Council Korea (ARKO) started joint fund project in 2016 with Arts Council England (ACE).

  • The project begin to support the artists from both countries by supporting the research trips to UK and Korea in 2016.
  • After the research trips, ARKO and ACE selected artists and organisations to make co-productions in 2017. (21 projects was selected)

2017-18 the partner is Goethe Institute, Germany (on going)

2018-19 the partner is the Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces, Denmark (on going)

2. Purpose
The Project aims to help artists with continuos exchanges and build up a long term relationship among them. Through this project, ARKO expects Korean artists and orgnisations to enrich their artistic capacities and advance to international stage
3. 2020-2021 Program (expectation)
1) 2020 Research project supporting the research both in Korea and other countries at an early stage of co-productions, in which will take place in either Korea and other countries in 2021
2) 2021 Collaboration and Presentation project supporting the collaboration and presentation projects based on the research project