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Whom we have supported?

Introduction to Support Projects

The Arts Council of Korea has supported the activities of international exchanges by artists and arts organizations in order to enhance the creative competency of Korean artists and expand a basis of international exchange network of Korean arts.

  • 이설희님 사진입니다.
    Lee Seolhui 2019 Tate Modern Intentive Program

    visual art

    "The experience in the Tate Modern helped me find a reason why this place had been always mentioned as the world major arts gallery. Most of all, in this place, it was possible to stay afar from old physical, environmental and structural habit accustomed to Korea, to expand the imagination for another leeway created from it, and to dream of the process of a new development considered through self-reflection. I was free"

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  • 김재원님 사진입니다.
    Kim Jaewon Araon Ship Residency in partnership with Korea Polar Research Institute

    visual art

    "When aurora appeared in a vast empty dark air to fill the sky with colorful curves and beautiful volume, and color sense crossing from the west end to the east end, I looked up the sky for a long time and kept taking photos even though fine ice particles mixed with harsh sea wind of North Pole were quite sharp sweeping my face. All these were the abstraction to awake five senses of an artist."

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  • 배요섭님 사진입니다.
    Bae Yosub Odin Theatre in Denmark


    "The mainstream theater circle has kept a little distance from ODIN Theatre. It will be very interesting program for those artists who have an interest in the essential of the theater and believe in the strength of ODIN's spirit. The fact itself is a target for research that ODIN keeps their own unique system and training method, and creation method for a long time. ”

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  • 강명숙님 사진입니다.
    Kang Young-sook Norwich Writers Center Residency Program


    "UK is a strong country in terms of publishing and literature. The book publishing and distributing system in the UK is somewhat different from that in Korea. The distribution in the UK is mainly centered on the copy right and much profit comes out of it. Under the environment of different system from us, it is sufficient to experience for a certain period of time how writers write the stories and survive"

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  • 최혜원님 사진입니다.
    Choi Hyewon EMS Elektronmusikstudion’s residence.


    "It was very helpful personally because I had many chances to talk with them about stories of European electronic music scenes and new musics. During the Residency, I met Hiro Kone who is active in the US and talked about future Korea Residency and Korean musics."

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  • 권혁님 사진입니다.
    Kwon Hyuk Dance Web Scolarship Programme 2019


    "Throughout my participation at danceWEB, I had an opportunity to think about why I loved to dance and why I danced. I believe such time will become a strength in my dance life.It was really an unforgettable experience for young artists from countries all over the world to gather and talk, dance and share their life and thoughts. It was a speechless impression.”

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