What we do

Arts Council of Korea

  • Arts Council of Korea was founded to support projects and activities for the promotion of culture and arts with a faith that all of us have the power to change our life to share the joy of creation and enjoy the valuable life.
  • The Arts Council of Korea draws policies of culture and arts through the agreement by 11 council members that are composed of field cultural artists; and has a synchronic structure for private sectors to participate in decision making in the public areas.
  • This helps cultural artists who have been unilateral beneficiaries of the policies to enter as both a planner and a performer of the policies; to innovate the customary cultural administration system and respond actively to the rapidly changing environment of culture and arts for specific alternative production focusing on the field where various environments for culture and arts to confront.
  • The Arts Council of Korea will emphasize not only the development of its creation, medium, and enjoyment into a virtual cycle structure targeting the non-profit experiment areas of basic arts and cultural industry that have been agreed in and out of culture and arts world such as literature, visual arts, performing arts, traditional arts, and interdisciplinary arts but also the establishment of an infrastructure for that purpose.
  • Through such effort, the Arts Council of Korea will enhance the self regeneration of arts and lead the creation of arts, increase both the artistic development and the social productivity to secure the productivity of arts market. In the mean time, the Arts Council of Korea will eventually make an effort to prevent an alienation from creative joy which culture and arts present to all of us.

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