01. The icebreaker, the Araon, is South Korea's first polar probe that began operating in 2009.

A total of seven studios have different equipment, all with different systems of features.

Introduction to Residence Institution

It is the Elektronmusikstudion under the governmental fund located at Södermalm of Stockholm. Every year, the institute is equipped with a good system and has been used by several artists from various regions. Different equipment and system are prepared for each of seven studios. The institute has an optimum condition to work on music, which consists of the Studio 4 with the most famous Modular Synth Buchlar, the Studio 6 with Modular Synth Surge, the Studio 3 with a proper monitoring environment, the Studio 1 and a recording room with multi-channel work of more than 16 channels, and the Studio 7 with an image work, a library and a conference room where information about electronic music are collected, and a small dining room. The institute has a safe security system which is operated by a reservation system for 24 hours. Normally many artists spend time for individual work. It is the space for artists to exchange who use the studio at the same period besides individual work.

Major activities of residency programs

(workshop, creative activities, network establishment, etc.)

My plan I thought before I went to the Resident was to arrange and complete the album preparation. I made a tight plan to sketch a new song in a week for one month and mix it with previous song, but I was not able to keep it all as I made the tight plan without thinking of the period of adaptation. During the first week, I spent the time to adapt to all studios and to Stockholm. After the second week, I began my planned work in full scale. I proceeded the temporary mixing by opening the works I had been working on personally. Besides, I proceeded the sketching of new songs. In the beginning, I worked with a type of sketching new songs which would be included in an album as if I planned to work in Korea. I was able to relax after spending two weeks in Sweden. Later, during third and fourth weeks, I proceeded several sketching with a type such that I laid down a burden little bit and thought of one idea each day, and developed it. As a result, it came to my mind that it was a good method after I had come back to Korea. I could not have musical exchange with other artists to work together. Yet, it was very helpful personally because I had many chances to talk with them about stories of European electronic music scenes and new musics. During the Residency, I met Hiro Kone who is active in the US and talked about future Korea Residency and Korean musics. When I planned of the work in EMS, I made a plan after the Residency for the meeting with people who worked as a planner in European Music Scene. On my returning, I was able to talk about the musics worked in the Residency while staying in London for few days, and the album currently working on, and the story about the performance after the release of the album. I could hear the feedback about the future direction to work.

  • The icebreaker, the Araon, is South Korea's first polar probe that began operating in 2009.

    There were many opportunities to talk about European electronic music scenes and new music.

  • The icebreaker, the Araon, is South Korea's first polar probe that began operating in 2009.

    We were able to talk about the performance and get feedback on the future direction of work.

  • The icebreaker, the Araon, is South Korea's first polar probe that began operating in 2009.

    It was very helpful personally because I had many opportunities to talk about European electronic music scenes and new music.

Residence programs and other matters

(uch as accommodation, local culture, etc.)

Stockholm seems to be relatively very safe. It was safe enough so that I could walk to the studio at dawn thanks to all white night in the month of July I spent. Although the days get shorter in August, there is no problem of going around for a while at dark night. I might feel that way as I did not ride a bus nor used a subway to go around many places. The place was usually very quiet without noise, so that it seems that the public safety was specialized. When I first arrived at the airport, as I had two luggages including equipment, I went to the lodge by a taxi for which I had made a reservation in Korea through the App 'Taxijark'. Normally, taxi fare is very expensive but through the App, we can save the expense quite a lot. I was told that people usually used the subway. But I either walked or used an electric powered scooter because the lodge was located in walking distance. Anyone can use the electric powered scooter after the membership application in the App and the registration of a card, so that many people are using it. There are many types of electric powered scooter. Among those, we can use VOI brand for which we can use the international credit card. When I normally used the electric powered scooter to downtown, I could arrive within 10 minutes. So that, I did not use other transportation means besides taxi while I spent days in Stockholm. I was told that the subway system was well organized for commuting purpose. I think it is better for those who wish to visit in winter to find a lodge beforehand because there will be many sections under construction. It is better to find the lodging in advance as the prices are relatively very high. As the flight schedule was not determined promptly, I could not find better lodge. Yet, I came to find the Air BNb located about 1km away from the studio and used it conveniently. There exist advantage and disadvantage to find a lodge. If we can find a lodge located at the distance with few stations of a subway, we will be able to find a large house with better natural view. We can find a small villa or an apartment in a walking distance.

When I looked up the weather through internet and packed up luggages, I knew the weather in July and August would be good to walk around with a half shirt. Once I arrived, I was embarrassed to see the weather because I had to wear a coat. When I asked staffs in EMS, they told me that the weather suddenly got colder in July than last year. If you have not brought clothes, you may conveniently use ZARA nearby downtown or a store like UNIQLO. Normally, the UK is a cold country, so that it is recommended to take long shirts except hot summer (June is as hot as July in Korea). In August, I had another memory when the weather suddenly became nice. Normally, dining is expensive. The prices of foods in fast food or vendor are similar to those in Korea. I found Vietnam restaurant near the house and I could buy foods within 10,000 to 13,000 won per one meal. Also, the market prices are similar to those in Korea. I recommend to cook foods in the lodge if you will not stay in hotel. I took several foods from Korea to warm up and cooked one meal a day with local food ingredients. There are several Asian food stores in downtown, and a general mart also carries variety of food ingredients like soy sauce. It is available to eat well even without taking much foods. After I read the postscript saying there is no restaurant near the studio, I took a small lunch box. I took cereal and fruits from the lodge and used them well for a meal in the middle of my works. Most staffs of EMS also ate their lunch in the dining room of the studio by warming up retort foods sold in a mart. The studio provides coffee and teas in the dining room, and microwave oven, small refrigerator and bowls to use conveniently anytime. Actually, I rarely used cash. Even some places do not accept cash. You may exchange the least amount of currency. When you want to use your credit card, you should bring your ID. I recommend that you make use of weekdays if you plan to travel suburban areas or to buy something because many stores closed on weekends. It is good to visit modern arts galleries and museums when you ride a scooter for 15 minutes from the studio. Not only fresh air and many quiet places of pretty view will help enlightening several inspirations. It is recommended to go around as many places as you can by sparing time in the early days of Residency.

The icebreaker, the Araon, is South Korea's first polar probe that began operating in 2009.

If you take a scooter to the studio for about 15 minutes, there are modern art museums and museums, so you can go there.

You often stay for a short period of time, so it's clear what you want to do and get from here.

The icebreaker, the Araon, is South Korea's first polar probe that began operating in 2009.

Studio 3 is equipped with Ableton push, which is used a lot for sketching, so I worked comfortably.

If you're thinking of collaborating with other artists, it's a good idea to find the artists you're going to visit through the website and contact them in advance.

What do you want to say to writers interested in the residency program?

Basic equipment are posted in the website. If anyone plan to use a dual monitor additionally, I recommend to take a line. I usually used my personal laptop and used the monitor in the studio to connect my laptop. Personally, as I focused on the mixing in third and fourth weeks, I used the Studio 3 with good balance many times. Also, in the Studio 3, 'Ableton Push' is installed for convenient work, which I use many times for sketching. From Korea, I took personal equipment for the work. I used them additionally in the lodge because they were already installed in the studio. If you need media related equipment, I recommend to take them from Korea. The studio did not have a keyboard so that I used well the 37-key keyboard I took from Korea.

Networking wasn't as active as I had anticipated. While doing my personal work, I had many chances to talk with other artists to know what kind of music and work they were doing. But I believe it will not be easy for you to meet them and proceed your work right away. It is a very private space, and you can spend all day long without any word. Although most artists are curious about each other, many of them usually stay for a short time. It is clear to see that they work by themselves to get something from this place. If you think about collaboration with other artists, you would better contact with an artist earlier through the website who will visit the studio.

There are cabinets in the studio. But all of them are almost filled because there are too many artists in Sweden who use EMS. So, for the equipment I took, I put them in a small trunk with a password and store it in other room. As the studio had a good security system, there was no worry of theft. But still many artists used the system to reserve and use. You need to ask the staff and they will guide you where to put your equipment. As a simple reservation system is available through the internet, you can change your schedule anytime. The best of their facility was the 24-hour operation. You can freely shorten or extend the schedule to work by your condition. The Studio 4 with Buchlar is so popular that the reservation is made quickly. After 10PM, usually it is vacant. After two weeks, I made a reservation for the studio which I desired and used it from evening to dawn.

The icebreaker, the Araon, is South Korea's first polar probe that began operating in 2009. The icebreaker, the Araon, is South Korea's first polar probe that began operating in 2009.

Studio 4, which has Bukla, is popular, so it's easy to book, but it's usually empty after 10 o'clock, so after two weeks, I reserved a place I wanted from evening to dawn.

It was a precious time alone that I could never have in Korea. I hope you do a lot of good work and have a great time.

During the period I stayed in the studio, there was a famous electronic festival of Norbergfestival in Sweden. Most staffs left the studio vacant for three nights and four days to go to the festival. I regretted so much that if I had known before, I could have made a schedule to go with them. There were many artists to participate in the festival who had contacted with EMS before the festival began. I believe it will be a good experience if you make a reservation for ticketing and accommodation and contact with EMS staffs in advance before you travel.

Before I traveled to the Residence, I knew about the story of Buchlar because many people said about it in the postscript. When I actually touched it, one desire aroused, ‘Maybe I will focus on Buchlar, I have come this far." Then, I spent many hours to touch one after another Buchlar in my first week. After the third week, I regretted a little that I could have worked by the schedule I had made in Korea. Those who traveled to work on modular synth from the beginning, they could be sufficiently aware of the instruments to work. I regretted I simply touched Buchlar because I did neither plan nor study much. Eventually, I spent the early hours in that I could not focus on modular synth nor focus on my personal work. If you have a plan, I recommend you to make a reservation for a room with Buchlar after you arrive at the studio. If not, I believe it will be a good method to work by keeping your plan made in Korea from the beginning.

In addition, I'd like to give another tip to save time. In the beginning, EMS will arbitrarily make a reservation for the same studio for a few days but I recommend you to experience one room each night after you arrive and learn the reservation system. On the first day, you may experience Studio 1 and on the second day Studio 3. By this way, you may first experience the studios and work mainly in a space fit for your prepared work. For example, if you plan to work one half for personal mixing and another half for modular synth, you will spend meaningful time when you can make a reservation for a space in advance for your desired work for a week in Studio 3 and another week in Studio 4. It was my own precious time I could never spare in Korea. I hope you accomplish many good works and spend joyful and good time.

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